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Mundo Arts Records, 2016

Miraba la noche el alma contains art songs by Latin American Women composers that include the Argentine Lía Cimaglia (Buenos Aires, 1906-1998), a remarkable pianist, pedagogue and composer; Celia Torrá (Conception de Uruguay, 1899-1962), a virtuoso violinist, composer and pedagogue; as well as pianist and composer Irma Urteaga (1929). From Cuba, we include works of the composer and pedagogue Gisela Hernández (1912-1971) and from Brazil, the songs of Babi de Oliveira (1903-1993) and Kilza Setti (1932*). We also feature works by the Mexican composer Maria Grever (1885-1951) and the CatalansCarlota Garriga (1937*) and Anna Cazurra (1965*).


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