From Feb 9 to 15 Patricia is the curator of CATALAN VOICES

Patricia will be the curator #100 of Catalan Voices a site dedicated to promote Catalunya in the world. The project wants to foster debate and raise international awareness about Catalonia by giving voice to the people and friends of Catalonia all over the world and by showing the diversity of thought that exists in our country. It is lead by Diplocat, the public diplomacy council of Catalunya. 

Every week a Catalan or an expat living or who has lived in Catalonia will tweet from the@CatalanVoices account. These people will give you an insight into their lives and tell you what Catalonia is like. Which places you should visit or what they recommend you to do in Catalonia. Occasionally, they may share their thoughts about the current democratic political process concerning Catalonia’s political status in Europe and Spain.

Here a newspaper article about this project 

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