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"Helping Students Find Their Voices..."    - 

Dr. Caicedo incorporates her knowledge of the human body and mind in their teaching and believes that the process of discovering the own voice is a process that brings spiritual and human growth.

An experienced voice teacher, Patricia offers voice lessons to students of all skill levels and voice ranges. 

Dr. Caicedo is an experienced performer and brings all of her experience to her teaching. Her training as a physician, classical singer and musicologist gives her a very unique set of tools to help the student achieve his or her goals.


In terms of teaching, Patricia has a wide range of experience with students of all levels.

She specially enjoys working with beginners since she thinks the most important part of the training is just when the student is building the foundations of his/her technique.

Each year she accepts students who come to Barcelona from different countries to study with her.  Although her specialty is the Latin-American & Spanish Vocal repertoire, due to her vast experience she  also trains singers in musical theater, opera, jazz and pop.

Patricia is a full member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) and a member of the New York Singing Teachers Association (NYSTA).   She was invited to perform at the International Voice Teacher Convention held in Vancouver in 2005 and as a presenter at the same convention in 2009 in Paris. In 2017 she will be delivering a lecture at the ICVT in Stockholm.  

Dr. Caicedo offers her students a complete training that includes: Anatomy and Physiology, Breathing, Posture, Vocalization, Diction and Interpretation, Audition Preparation, Care of the voice, Repertory, Music History, Applied Alexander Technique for singers, Voice therapy for vocal disorders. 

Her goal is that the each student acquires a "complete vision of their resources and possibilities as a singer."

Patricia has been invited and artist at the following institutions:

  • University of Californina Riverside
  • University of California Irvine
  • Saint Olaff College, MN, USCal Poly, CA, USA
  • Texas Christian University, TX, USA
  • University of Texas as Dallas, TX, USA
  • University of Texas at Austin
  • Keene State College, NH, USA
  • Florida State University, Tallahassee , FL (USA)
  • University of South Florida, Tampa, FL (USA)
  • Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC, USA
  • Gordon College, GA, USA
  • Brigham Young University, Utah, USA
  • Loyola University, Chicago, USA
  • New York University, New York, USA
  • New York Chapter of NATS
  • Teacher's College of Columbia University, New York, US
  • Universidad  de Caldas, Colombia
  • Orquesta Filarmonica de Bogota, Bogota, Colombia
  • Universidad de Cádiz, Spain
  • Barcelona Festival of Song, Barcelona, Spain
  • VI International Voice Teacher Convention, Vancouver, Canada
  • VII International Voice Teacher Convention, Paris, France
  • Conservatorio de Puerto Rico

Patricia Caicedo is an active member of National Association of teachers of Singing NATS, the New York Singing Teachers Association NYSTA, the American Musicological Society AMS - and a founding member and board of directors of the Latin American Art Song Alliance. LAASA

She is the Founder and Director of the Barcelona Festival of Song, a two-week summer training program focused on the history and interpretation of the Latin American and Spanish vocal repertoire now in its 10th year. To schedule your first class, to ask for a consultation or to request more information, contact Dr. Caicedo directly by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  • Published in Soprano

Recognized as “The Voice of the Latin American and Iberian Art Song” and often described as its ambassador, Colombian-Spanish soprano Patricia Caicedo is a leading interpreter of the Latin American and Iberian vocal repertory and has sung in the United States, Canada, Denmark, Holland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Germany, Puerto Rico and Latin-America to public and critical acclaim. 

Singing in Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Quechua and Nahuatl she draws listeners into the world of beauty, poetry, and warmth that is the Latin American & Spanish Art Song – a world that continues to thrive because of her determination to ensure its future.

Her well-received CDs include Miraba la noche el alma: Art Songs by Latin American women composers (2016), Amb veu de dona: Catalan Art Songs by women composers (2016); De Catalunya vinc.: Catalan Art Songs of the XX century (2015), Aves y Ensueños: Colombian Art Songs by Jaime Leon (2011), Estrela e lúa nova...(2011), De mi corazón latino - Latin Songs of All times (2010),  A mi ciudad Nativa – To My Native City (2005), Lied: Art songs of Latin America (2001) and La Felicidad, recorded with the Banda Sinfónica Santafé de Bogotá in 1997.

As a musicologist, Patricia is internationally recognized as a leading expert in the study and performance of the Latin American & Iberian art song. Her pioneering books The Latin American Art Song: A Critical Anthology and Interpretive Guide for Singers, The Colombian Art Song - Jaime León: Analysis and Compilation of his works for voice & piano Vol.1 & 2, The Bolivian Art Song and The Argentinean Art Song, consider reference books in the field. Caicedo regularly gives concert, lectures, master classes and serves as an artist in residency at leading universities in the United States and Europe. 

She is the founder and director of the Barcelona Festival of Song, a Summer Program & Concert Series focused on the study of the history and interpretation of the Latin American & Iberian vocal repertoire that is reaching its 14th edition in 2018.

Her interest in exploring the possibilities of technology to create educational channels and to promote the Latin American & Iberian repertoire and composers, brought her to create Mundo Arts Spain., an Internet company that developed into a Music Publisher, a Record label, an Online TV channel and an Online Store. In 2014 Patricia started EYECatalunya,a technological platform dedicated to internationally promote Catalan creators.

As a performer, she has served as a cultural ambassador for the Governments of Colombia and Spain and has performed throughout Europe, the United States, and Latin-America. 

Born in Ibagué, Colombia, Ms. Caicedo began studying piano, music theory, and voice as a child at the Tolima music conservatory. After completing medical studies, she resumed her voice studies and has since worked with Rocío Rios, Alfredo Krauss, Maya Maiska and Gilberto Escobar.

Caicedo lives in Barcelona and holds a Ph.D. in Musicology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and a Medical Doctor degree from the Escuela Colombiana de Medicina.

Since 2008 Caicedo was included in the Who's Who in America.  Published by Marquis Who's Who is the leading biographical reference publisher of the highest achievers and contributors from across the country and around the world. Her inclusion represents a tribute to her discipline and hard work as an advocate of the Latin American and Spanish Music. Since 2010 Patricia is also included in the Who's Who in American Women and Who´s Who in the World.

In 2017 Patricia was named an Honorary member of the Brazilian Voice Teachers Association and their representative in Europe.


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