Patricia´s Research Interests

Patricia´s main area of research is Latin American and Iberian vocal music. Her research interests include national identity, performance practice, song, new technologies, sociology of music, and music cognition. Her doctoral dissertation titled The Latin American Art Song: National Identity, Performance Practice and the Worlds of Art is in process of publication.

For the same nature of Latin American and Iberian music, her research emphasizes the fusion of musicology and ethnomusicology. She is fully grounded in critical or “new” musicology. Patricia´s research is enriched with the methods, procedures and knowledge gained in my previous training in medicine, music and musicology and with her experience as a performer and in cultural administration and event organization.


Latin American & Iberian Vocal Music Collection

Patricia is developing the Latin American and Iberian Vocal Music Collection, a project she already started. Her goal in the medium term is to publish song volumes for Argentinean, Brazilian, Peruvian, Spanish and Catalan Art Song as well as a book with the song cycles that have been commissioned by the Barcelona Festival of Song.

The Collection has already 3 volumes published available in the book section of this site.

Translation of Enric Granados´s Biography

Patricia is currently translating to Spanish the book Granados, the poet of the piano, written by Dr. Walter Clark and published by Oxford University Press.


Transnational identity and virtuality: the no place?
Patricia is researching the effects of postmodern society, especially the effects of wider availability of Internet and information technologies as well as global mobility, in the perception of the self and the development of personal and national identities and how it reflects in music.

Performance practice of song in the XXI century
Patricia is interested in continuing researching the subject of performance practice in Latin American song, in order to propose new ways of performing and socializing the works, using a model that incorporates elements of visual arts, Internet, and multi-sensory interactivity. She is particularly studying the field of song, as a meeting point between the literary and the musical. Being a performer herself she is exploring new ways to use the body when performing Latin American art songs and wants to incorporate those elements in her performances.

The virtual, the real and the interspace: new ways of making music and being a musician
Patricia is particularly interested in reflecting on concepts such as the virtual and the real in a society mediated by technology, trying to discover how these new ways of interaction and self-perception demand from musicians the development of new skills and ways to relate among themselves and with audiences.


 You can read some of Patricia´s papers at


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