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Patricia Caicedo

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Patricia develops projects to
internationally promote
creativity and creators


Patricia has developed various projects to internationally promote creators and creativity, integrating arts, science, and technology.

She is the founder and director of the Barcelona Festival of Song a summer program of the Iberian and Latin American vocal repertoire and the creator of EYECatalunya and MundoartsTV.

Her research has led her to developed Internet2 projects to advance music education. She has published numerous articles about music and the arts in the digital era. Her articles can be read at

Patricia is a connector, somebody who enjoys creating networks, putting creative people in contact and nurturing collaborations.


Patricia is the founder and director of the Barcelona Festival of Song, a 10-day summer program for classical singers dedicated to the study of the history and interpretation of the Latin American and Iberian art song repertoire. The festivals will celebrate its 15th edition in 2019.

The festival annually presents eight concerts with renowned specialists on the genre and commissions the composition of new song cycles to important composers and poets of Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula.

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Patricia is the founder and anchor of EYECatalunya - a monthly interview programme that promotes Catalan creativity to the world. The interactive program is broadcast worldwide via the Internet from the Recinte de Sant Pau in Barcelona every second Tuesday of the month.  Find out more and watch it online at: 

Patricia is the founder of Mundo Arts TV - an online channel dedicated to promoting Latin-American & Iberian Classical Music and Arts.

On the channel you will find concerts and interviews of important performers and composers in Spanish, English and Catalan. It also includes cultural news about Barcelona and videos from the Barcelona Festival of Song.  You find all her interviews on her Youtube Channel


Internet2 Projects 

Very interested in finding ways of integrating new technologies, especially the Internet, in education, Patricia has developed several projects using the Internet of second generation. She has implemented the I2 technology for the Barcelona Festival Of Song in collaboration with Institutions such as I2Cat Foundation, Anella Cultural and the Centro Cultural Sao Paulo.

Thanks to this collaboration in 2012, 2013 and 2014, the Barcelona Festival of Song held concerts and classes simultaneously between Brazil and Barcelona.

These experiences have led Patricia to write and research on subjects such as interactivity and to reflect on the new tools artists need to acquire to be in tune with a historic moment determined by new technologies.

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