Canciones Infantiles - Children Song Cycle

Canciones Infantiles - Children Song Cycle


Jaime León wrote the Children song cycle Pequeña pequeñita based on poems written by Ecuadorian writers. The 6 songs of the cycle describe the experiences of children and incorporate Colombian and Ecuadorian folk rhythms.

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The book offers an introductory study that includes the biography of the composer and poets, the poems in Spanish and translated to English, the IPA transcriptions of the poems and an interpretative guide.

The songs are:

  1. Pequeña pequeñita

  2. El muñeco dormilón

  3. Viaje

  4. Caballito de madera

  5. La tunda del negrito

  6. El columpio.

The songs have been recorded by Patricia Caicedo and can be heard for free on Spotify.