Miraba la noche el alma: Art Songs by Latin American and Catalan Women Composers

Miraba la noche el alma: Art Songs by Latin American and Catalan Women Composers


Although in recent years there has been significant progress for women composers, there is still a lot to do to promote and appreciate women's creative work. For this reason, we decided to record a CD entirely devoted to works written by Latin American and Iberian female authors, some of whom are active at the present time. The selected composers belong to different generations and exhibit very different and interesting styles. Among the included composers are the Argentine Lía Cimaglia (Buenos Aires, 1906-1998), a remarkable pianist, pedagogue and composer; Celia Torrá (Conception de Uruguay, 1899-1962), a virtuoso violinist, composer and pedagogue; as well as pianist and composer Irma Urteaga (1929). From Cuba, we include works of the composer and pedagogue Gisela Hernández (1912-1971) and from Brazil, the songs of Babi de Oliveira (1903-1993) and Kilza Setti (1932*). We also feature works by the Mexican composer Maria Grever (1885-1951) and the Catalans Carlota Garriga (1937*) and Anna Cazurra (1965*). To see complete track list click on the image.

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Song tracks:


Babi de Oliveira, Brasil, 1903-1993 01:48

1. Recomendação (poesía: India Rego)

Kilza Setti, Brasil, 1932

2. Poema da tua luz (poesía: Rossine Camargo Guarnieri) 1:30


Gisela Hernández, 1912-1971

3 Miraba la noche el alma (poesía de Ángel Gaztelú, 1914-2003) 03:38

4. Única mar (poesía Mirta Aguirre Carreras, 1912-1980) 01.23


Lía Cimaglia, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1906-1998

5. Botoncito (Poesía: Gabriela Mistral, 1889-1957) 03:59

6. Niebla porteña 3.28

Celia Torrá, 1899-1962

7. Abandono (poesía de Cármen Latino) 1:54

Irma Urteaga, 1929

8. Canción de cuna para mi corazón solitario (Poesía: Ofelia Sussel-Marie) 3:02


Maria Grever, 1885-1951

9. Un beso 2:12

10. Te quiero, dijiste


Carlota Garriga, 1937

Cançons populars catalanes

11. I. Mariagneta

12. II. L´emigrant

13. III. Cançó del lladre

Anna Cazurra, 1964

Tensho - Poesia de Carles Duarte, 1959

14. Respirar el món

15. Duem al rostre

16. La sang de l´aire

17. Rere la nit

18. Ja no existeix

19. El cel

With this recording, we seek to contribute to the appreciation and promotion of the musical compositions of Latin American and Iberian women artists, whose unique voice enriches the history of universal music.