The Colombian Art Song: Jaime León: Analysis and Compilation of his works for voice & piano Vol.2

The Colombian Art Song: Jaime León: Analysis and Compilation of his works for voice & piano Vol.2


Mundo Arts Publication MA011, New York, Second edition, June 2019

Second edition Revised 2019. In this beautifully edited book, you find 17 art songs for voice and piano by the Colombian composer Jaime León (1921-2015). The book has an introductory study that contextualizes the composer and the poets. It also provides a diction guide, translation of the poems into English and their phonetic transcription. The study is presented in Spanish and English. The author is Dr. Patricia Caicedo, a soprano and musicologist specializing in the Latin American and Iberian art song repertoire. She has recorded the songs and worked along with the composer for many years. Caicedo is the author of several books about the Iberian and Latin American art song and the director of the Barcelona Festival of Song, a summer program dedicated to the study of the history and interpretation of the Latin American and Iberian art song in Spanish, Catalan, and Portuguese. Read a review published at the Journal of Singing.

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Song list:

Más que nunca                                               

Todo pasó                                                        

Canción de noel                                             

Pequeña, pequeñita                                         

El muñeco dormilón                                     



Caballito de madera                                       

La tunda del negrito                                      

El columpio                                                  

Canción del boga ausente                             

Los maderos de San Juán                             

Villancico de la estrella                                

El asnillo y el buey                                        

Cancioncilla de navidad                               

Villancico de las campanas                          

Tu amor es como la piel de las manzanas