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Aves y Ensueños - Colombian Art Songs by Jaime Leon Vol.1 Estrela e lúa nova

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Patricia Caicedo
about 3 hours ago Ara mateix al @ateneubcn al memorial @FundacioMompou @BCNFestivalSong @classicalsinger #bfos2014
Patricia Caicedo
about 5 hours ago A @EYECatalunya necessitem el teu suport. Uneix-te al nostre Facebook, fes Like a @cultura_cat @CulturcatTotcat
Patricia Caicedo
about 5 hours ago VIENDO LAS CRISIS COMO OPORTUNIDADES: @xavierverdaguer a @EYECatalunya @CervantesMHC @xarxaemprencat @spainemprende
Patricia Caicedo
about 1 day ago HURGANDO EN LA PIEL DE LAS PALABRAS @RafaelArgullol en @EYECatalunya @cultura_cat @InstCervantes @CervantesMHC
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about 1 day ago RT @cultura_cat : Últims dies exposició "Músics catalans a Amèrica i el @BCNFestivalSong " a @BiblioCatalunya #bfos2014
Patricia Caicedo
about 2 days ago 10 Things About Having an Opera Career That You Don't Learn in School @BCNFestivalSong #bfos2014 @NitsdeClassica
Patricia Caicedo
about 2 days ago Maria Stoyanova: El teatro como vía de autoconocimiento BarcelonaTeatre @EYECatalunya @CervantesMHC @TeatroGestalt
Patricia Caicedo
about 3 days ago Descubre a Maria Stoyanova: El teatro como vía de autoconocimiento @TeatroGestalt @BarcelonaTeatre @EYECatalunya
Patricia Caicedo
about 4 days ago Al @lauditori per escoltar la @orquestraOBC @BCNFestivalSong @Eyecatalunya #bfos2014
Patricia Caicedo
about 5 days ago I liked a @YouTube video from @patriciacaicedo ED ALDCROFT: Singing for a better life
Patricia Caicedo
about 5 days ago Singing for a better life, hear Ed Aldcroft talking at @EYECatalunya @bcnenglishchoir @BCNenglish @classicalsinger
Patricia Caicedo
about 5 days ago Hear Ed Aldcroft from the @bcnenglishchoir at @EYECatalunya @catalanartsuk @AngloCatalans @anglesxcatalans
Patricia Caicedo
about 5 days ago In the @BCNFestivalSong we make music across continents thanks to the @L_Anella @centrocultural @artssantamonica
Patricia Caicedo
about 5 days ago Escolta la interessant conversa d'Albert Costa en @EYECatalunya sobre com es processen dos idiomes en el cervell
Patricia Caicedo
about 6 days ago Ja pots veure el programa complet @EYECatalunya de juliol, molt interessant! @artssantamonica @CulturcatTotcat
Patricia Caicedo
about 6 days ago I liked a @YouTube video from @patriciacaicedo EYECatalunya - Programa Juliol
Patricia Caicedo
about 6 days ago Qué dice tu pelo sobre ti? Fafa Franco de @SientalaCabeza lo explica en @EYECatalunya @tcreativo @HCreatividad

Creativeeclectic and enterprising, the singermusicologist and physician Patricia Caicedo has successfully developed various creative projects in the fields of musiccommunications, music education and technological innovation.

Recognized as “The Voice of the Latin American and Spanish Art Song” and often described as its ambassador, Patricia Caicedo is a leading interpreter of the Latin American and Iberian vocal repertory and has sung in the United States, Canada, Denmark, Holland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Germany, Puerto Rico and Latin-America to public and critical acclaim.

Singing in Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Quechua and Nahuatl she draws listeners into the world of beautypoetry, and warmth that is the Latin American & Spanish Art Song – a world that continues to thrive because of her determination to ensure its future.

As a musicologist Patricia is internationally recognized as a leading expert in the study and performance of the Latin American & Iberian art song. Her pioneering books The Latin American Art Song: A Critical Anthology and Interpretive Guide for Singers, The Colombian Art Song - Jaime León: Analysis and Compilation of his works for voice & piano Vol.1 & 2 and The Bolivian Art Song are consider reference books in the field.

She is the founder and artistic director of the Barcelona Festival of Song, a unique Summer Program & Concert Series focused on the study of the history and interpretation of the Latin American & Iberian vocal repertoire that is reaching its 10th edition in 2014. She is the president of Mundo Arts Inc. and the director of EYECatalunya.

With her talent, knowledge, and determination to preserve an important part of the world’s musical heritage, Patricia Caicedo is indeed The Voice of the Latin American & Iberian Art Song.

2014 New Interview with Patricia: Close-Up by Lluís Bussé

New article about Patricia´s work and life published by Lluís Bussé, a catalan photographer and writer. To read the article in Spanish click here in Catalan click here

2014: Patricia will be anchor of EYECatalunya

From February 11 Patricia will be the anchor of EYECatalunya A monthly interview programme to promote Catalan creativity to the world. The interactive program will be broadcast worldwide trough the Internet from Arts Santa Mónica in Barcelona the second Tuesday of the month. Watch it at

September 2013: Patricia in the Canadian book Showtime

A section dedicated to Patricia Caicedo´s work as a vocal coach is part of the book SHOWTIME published by Annick Press, a Canadian Pyblisher. The author is Kevin Silvester, a renowned Canadian journalist, writer and illustrator.

Entrevista a Patricia para Radio Exterior de España en Portugués

Entrevista a Patricia Caicedo realizada por Michelly Teixeira emitida por Radio Exterior de España.

Patricia's article in English magazine SINGING

Great news! Patricia Caicedo's article titled Discovering Latin American soul throug song and poetry was published in the Spring 2013 issue of SINGING the magazine of the Association of Teachers of Singing of the UK.

New Interview with Patricia Caicedo - English

Article about Patricia in the Norwegian magazine Klassisk Musikkmagasin

Read the interview that journalist Ida Svingen did to Patricia. It was published in the norwegian magazine Klassisk Musikkmagasin.

Patricia on air on Russia Today

Watch Patricia Caicedo´s interview in A solas, a TV program conducted by Elena Rostova on Russia Today. In the interview she talks about her career and the link between her training as a physician, singer and musicologist and her commitment to preserve and promote Latin-American Classical Music. The interview is in Spanish.



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